Become a Self Discovery Host

Hosting a Series (1)

Sharing wisdom and story’s of courage strength and self-love is very fulfilling, come join our purpose in getting the word out that change is possible and that coming together will heal not only us but the world.

We know how impactful someone’s story can be; “Inspirational to be Invitational” which guides others to find their own path in life by seeing the possibilities and knowing where to find the tools needed to make the journey of Self Discovery.

We learn from each other, someone else’s journey becomes their tools in life and those tools shared help us on our journey. Interviewing people who are here to guide love and care for humanity is not only needed but a total pleasure.

We interview Ordinary people doing Extraordinary things for humanity and this planet.





Want to be a GUEST HOST?

Your voice is needed, when you share your journey it inspires another when you share your wisdom, you are feeding possibilities. Being a guest host allows you to share a story, a person, a philosophy, a skill and a purpose, without having to commit to a full-time show.

If a weekly show is too much for you, but you want to do a show now and again, you can host  30 or 60 minutes show, all you do is record the interview and send me your MP3 file the show and guest information a week before air date. You will get a template to follow. You have these show genres to choose from.


You don’t get a personal full bio page but are featured on the Guest Hosting page with your info.

You are featured here on Self Discovery Radio network and you are heard on Soundcloud.….Mixcloud…Google Play and many Social media.

30-60 Minutes only $25 US each show

 Hosting a Series 

series hosting

You have something to share, a book, a program, a journey, but you do not want to commit to a full-time show. We have that platform for you, your own Series played over a few weeks inviting an audience to be entranced by the whole of it.

You are featured here on Self Discovery Radio network and you are heard on Soundcloud.….Mixcloud…Google Play and many Social media.

This is not a product show base but shows on inspiration and information.

Prices each week at $23.00 a show series 6-10 weeks. Enquire Here 

2own show

Full-Time host



Your own title, show page bio page.

What genre would you like to focus on?

Health & Wellness……Self Love & Enlightenment?…… Tools for life?……Business Growth? …Authors & Writers?……Science & Energy?……Entertainment?……Global Awareness?….Money Mindfulness…..Conscious Embracement ? or do you have something else in mind?

You are featured here on Self Discovery Radio network and you are heard on Soundcloud.….Mixcloud…Google Play and many Social medias.

We embrace you and your guests’  voice, but we also know people like to read and see to hear, so we invite you to add a blog to your show and visuals even you-tubes to be more in-depth and invitational. We will give you a template to follow.

You record in an MP3 file format, and you can interview as many as you like at a time, or just be on your own,  your choice. You will have your own show page, your own personal/company page and if affiliated another page.

We reach around the world, you just have to be English speaking at this time, and speak to how living an authentic inner honesty life can be of benefit to all.

Opportunities to have a weekly show and come share their story’s that liberate and let us look at getting you going.

A weekly show of up to an hour $120-00 US Dollars a month



We also have The Discovery Store where we sell our radio guests expertise so when one has been inspired by a story they can buy the tools/services right away.


Thank you

Sara Troy 


Self Discovery Radio 

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