S.E.L.F. Discovery Hosts

                   Self Discovery Radio presents our INSPIRING HOSTS.

SDR icon 800x800I am Sara Troy, producer/host of Self Discovery Radio, I would like you to get to know my hosts a little more. I am honoured, excited about my hosts and their incredible shows that they will be sharing with you the listener each week.

They bring diverse perspectives on life and inspirational guests to inform, inspire, and invite you.Each story is a tool and an inspiration that can aid us in our journey of life.

With over 1900 archived in our Orchard of Wisdom Library, where shows filled with wisdom, we ready for the clicking to guide you on your life’s path.

If hosting is something you would like to do and you have a passion for celebrating those making a difference in the world, then come and join us. Details below.

If your an organization that wants to be represented by our Self Discovery Community program, check out our Community info here. 


Choose Positive Living hosted by Sara Troy

11055264_804105309696901_5834076170394486664_nChoose Positive Living Radio shows are a very unique format that is dedicated to bringing together some of the most creative intuitive positive thinking experts from around the globe, who will help you to embrace all your inspiring possibilities!” Sara hosts 2 of these shows a week.

This show used to be Positive Living Vibrations.


Sara’s View of Life also hosted by Sara Troy.

This is Sara’s perspectives on life the world and the joy of living no matter the adversity. I will give you my honest perspective on life from my understandings and from my many years of spiritual counselling. Sara’s View Of Life

Their Story Matters hosted by Sara Troy

Here on “Their Story’s Matters” is where we will hear the stories of people having faced their deep adversities are now sharing their challenges in order to help others face their own. Men and women have had to face things that no human should have to face, but have chosen to embrace their freedom, their liberty, and dignity find a meaningful purpose in their lives.

More on the shows, their-story-matters

Positive Vibrations Roundtable format.  Positive Vibrations Roundtable

Where we bring back our past guests and together look at topics of diverse interest. Always fun and enlightening.

More on Sara meet-sara-troy

Sara also host ECO Solutions and for the LOVE of Muisc 


Channeling Ascensions. 

Channeling Ascension is about raising our dimensional vibrations and embracing a divine energy that serves all of humankind, planet and our animal kingdom. For without that ascension there will be no future.

Sara’s Misson is to bring that beautiful divine energy awareness and guide those who are ready on a path of illuminating wonderment of what is possible in life and universe.

Christina Hill, a divine soul herself, who channels Athella, guides us forward on this exciting life’s path into our own Self Discovery’

 MORE ON CHRISTINA                                                        MORE ON SARA 

Thoughts Become Things.

unnamed.jpgMost coaches will try to instruct you on how to fix an issue in your life, and your end result is painted over rust. I show you the issue’s origins. Where it came from, how it grew, etc. This way you “know” how to handle it now, and in the future, along with any other issues that may come.

thoughts-become-things-international show



The Wellness Journey show hosted Lynnis Woods-Mullins 

11900008_10204894141214315_629009364937695552_nLynnis’s main mission is to educate women over 40 on the importance of achieving total wellness for the mind, body and spirit through living a holistic lifestyle. PraiseWorks Health and Wellness target all areas of a woman’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs through providing holistic radio podcasts,  and through her e-magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond.

Lynnis is back doing a show series new-wellness-journey-show

More on  lynnis-woods-mullins

Whispers of The Heart


Whispers of the Heart show is a weekly offering from Denise Povernick, where she shares with you how to recognize, honour and share the Whispers in Your Heart.  Denise calls this Discovery your Heart Song.  By discovering your Heart Song you will discover and align your own personal Trinity of Mind – Body – Spirit and become aware of the Divinity of Your Infinity that has always been present within you.

whispers-of-the-heart show







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