for the LOVE of Music

"for the Love of Music" celebrates performers and musicians.  Music is truly a language of its own, it speaks to us about us and for us, feeling our pain our sorrow, raising our spirits in joy, and uniting us in love. It crosses all language barriers, all faiths, and sets the stage of life for us … Continue reading for the LOVE of Music

The Pursuit of Wholeness

“The Pursuit of Wholeness” show will Spotlight the authors, services, tools, programs and professional brands with both written and audio articles and promo Ads on “Self Discovery Radio” by sharing their acquired expertise and in how they can be of inspiration to you the listener.Come hear, read their knowledge and be inspired, they are here … Continue reading The Pursuit of Wholeness

Their Story Matters

Here on “Their Story’s Matters” is where we will hear the stories of people having faced their deep adversities are now sharing their challenges in order to help others face their own. Men and women have had to face things that no human should have to face, but have chosen to embrace their freedom, their … Continue reading Their Story Matters

Positive Vibrations Roundtable

Positive Living Roundtable; shows are hosted by our Self-Discovery host owner Sara Troy, each week a  showcase of a wide spectrum of positive thinking people sharing their extraordinary life experiences and views,  they will discuss topics that affect us and share our different perspectives on today’s life’s options. When we hear things from a different … Continue reading Positive Vibrations Roundtable