The World According to G.U.S (God-Universe-Spirit)

  There's a variety of religions in the world. Is there only a RIGHT one? I hear people say "I am spiritual but I am not religious." what does that mean? What is religion and  What is spirituality? Most importantly, how do we connect to GUS and living Victoriously in self-love and with a  love … Continue reading The World According to G.U.S (God-Universe-Spirit)

18-32 The Universe is Guiding us, Allow it to Happen

Sara Troy on Sara's View of Life, on air from August 7th We ask the universe to guide us and show us our way, so ALLOW it and stop demanding of dictating what you think HAS to happen. I have learnt by now, that however much you want things to happen your way, the universe … Continue reading 18-32 The Universe is Guiding us, Allow it to Happen

C18-32 “Living Your Life Like It’s Golden” Series with Lynnis

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest/host Lynnis Woods-Mullins, on air fomr August 7th We welcome back Lynnis for her next series of shows on Women's Wellness and WellBeing. The Wellness Journey Podcast/Video Series this season is all about Living Your Life Like It’s Golden.   As Grammy award winning Jill Scott said in … Continue reading C18-32 “Living Your Life Like It’s Golden” Series with Lynnis

Remembering To Find Yourself

When was the last time you allowed yourself some quality relaxation time to clear your mind and recharge yourself? By enjoying some meditation or other self-discovery activity, your memory can be maintained, even into advancing years. A study carried out by researchers from the University of California showed that 14% to 22% of those studied had … Continue reading Remembering To Find Yourself

Let’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series

The Synchronistory Series Team Benefit for Mankind …an event for all time: "Let’s Get SYNC’D!" Sync is a living “Global Selfie”; a three-hour global Culture Concert honouring the entire human race in a glorious celebration of civilisation, from past to present … broadcast live worldwide from simultaneous event sites. Ready to party with their own participation, are … Continue reading Let’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series