WJ 17-50 Mid-Life Joy Ride – Love In The Single Lane

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Hope Suis, on air from December 12th  Single women over 40 are one of the largest growing demographics in the United States.  There are women who are divorced, widowed, and some who have decided not to get married. Whatever the reason is for your “singleness” it doesn’t … Continue reading WJ 17-50 Mid-Life Joy Ride – Love In The Single Lane

Whispers of The Heart

Whispers of the Heart show is a weekly offering from Denise Povernick, where she shares with you how to recognize, honour and share the Whispers in Your Heart.  Denise calls this Discovery your Heart Song.  By discovering your Heart Song you will discover and align your own personal Trinity of Mind – Body – Spirit … Continue reading Whispers of The Heart

17-47 Clarifying the Words of Participation

Sara's View of Life with Sara Troy, on air November 21st Often we do not know what our words really do mean to others, so I decided this week to speak to some clarity of words I am using in my invite to all of these opportunities. When you say I am looking for collaborators, … Continue reading 17-47 Clarifying the Words of Participation

Horses Helping Cancer Patients

Horses Helping Cancer Patients by Particular Paws | Posted in Health & Wellness and Horse | January 02, 2017 Winston Churchill once said, “[t]here is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” He couldn’t have spoken truer words when it comes to horsemanship as therapy for cancer patients and survivors. People have long recognized … Continue reading Horses Helping Cancer Patients

CA 17-46 “The Universes Prayer for our Times”

Channeling Ascensions with Sara Troy, Christina Hill and their guest Sarah Hall, on air from November 14th.  Sara Troy says "The need for prayer is never more evident as it is now, but to whom are we praying to and in how should we pray? In today's conversation, we will be discussing the different ways we … Continue reading CA 17-46 “The Universes Prayer for our Times”