Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit

  Personal Growth Experts Believe That You Can Overcome Anything! Meet these Transformational Coaches and Spiritual Teachers from around the world that have come together to remind you that, YOU CAN HEAL AND MANIFEST YOUR GREATEST LIFE! Overcoming challenges with self-coaching How to reveal, understand and transform yourself Infinite possibilities with experiencing greater love and freedom Access this … Continue reading Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit

Unlimited Power Series featuring Sara Troy

Sara Troy, owner and host of Self Discovery radio and Community Network, is constantly inspired by the interviews she does with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It shows her and her audience just how empowering we can be when we decide to step into our own Self Discovery. Speaker, blog writer and with her own … Continue reading Unlimited Power Series featuring Sara Troy

One Thousand shows and Counting

WOW, One Thousand shows with more to come. What an honour it has been to interview such amazing people from around the globe who are making such a magnificent difference in the world. When I started this journey on Authentic You Media, (have 100 shows there) I had no idea it would take me to my own … Continue reading One Thousand shows and Counting

My Island of Truth and Purpose.On Sivana EAST

      Spirituality, Yoga, & Conscious Living I have finally found the island, the place where we seek out our spirit, our purpose our truth. What I did not realize in my journey to fit in, to seek and to find, is that I have been on this island all the time. It is … Continue reading My Island of Truth and Purpose.On Sivana EAST