Who Will Win This Year’s Oscars?

OSCAR PREDICTIONS FROM BRENT MARCHANT SHOW HERE HERE Who Will Win This Year’s Oscars? It’s that time of year again – time for my predictions of the winners at the annual Academy Awards. Most of the major honours appear fairly clear-cut at this point, with little in doubt. Nevertheless, with that said, here are my … Continue reading Who Will Win This Year’s Oscars?

Looking at life through art by Natasha

ARTS EXPRESSION OF OUR INNER TURMOIL AND LIFE.  Art is so expressive and speaks volumes to where words sometimes lack. I often use one of Natasha's expressions of art in a posting as it tells the story. Here I am adding my words to my daughter's art and what her pieces are saying to me. Life … Continue reading Looking at life through art by Natasha

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is known for chocolate. But chocolate can be as good for you as it can be bad for you. Know the difference before you start to indulge. Note: I wrote a book about Chocolate called: Chocolate: the bad, the mediocre and the awesome on http://www.DrHollyBooks.com . Chocolate is a phenomenal food that has … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Robert O. Williams

What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings as love as opposed to just searching for love? We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power and pure heart consciousness. In Love Is the Power, Robert O. Williams leads readers into the intimate journey of … Continue reading Robert O. Williams