Remembering To Find Yourself

When was the last time you allowed yourself some quality relaxation time to clear your mind and recharge yourself? By enjoying some meditation or other self-discovery activity, your memory can be maintained, even into advancing years. A study carried out by researchers from the University of California showed that 14% to 22% of those studied had … Continue reading Remembering To Find Yourself

Let’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series

The Synchronistory Series Team Benefit for Mankind …an event for all time: "Let’s Get SYNC’D!" Sync is a living “Global Selfie”; a three-hour global Culture Concert honouring the entire human race in a glorious celebration of civilisation, from past to present … broadcast live worldwide from simultaneous event sites. Ready to party with their own participation, are … Continue reading Let’s Get SYNC’D! Team Series

British Columbia Lung Association on Asthma with Sara Troy

Meet Sara, who loves life by knowing her limits July 27th, 2018 Meet Sara Troy, a podcaster and producer on Self Discovery Radio/Video from the UK who now lives in Esquimalt, BC. Sara has lived with asthma for her whole life and spoke with BC Lung Patient Advocate Darcy Murdoch about how she's learned to know her limits … Continue reading British Columbia Lung Association on Asthma with Sara Troy