What if we supported the people and organisations who are making a difference?

What if we celebrated people and their journey because they inspire others to do the same?

What if by coming together in unison and harmony, we worked with each other to enhance the global progress in making this world a happier place to live?

Self Discovery Community is where we support services needed to help people grow in Freedom Dignity Independence and Equality. We will raise money for these organizations that are supporting their community, those in Mental health, Veterans, Addiction, Children, Soul Consciousness and Body Mind Health, to name a few. 

BFA - icon 800x800Self Discovery Community supports the Being Fund-Action project, see here the invite and come be a part of it. 

Making a Difference in the Lives of Others.

You will see these organizations here with their own shows bring awareness to the work and people they support. As a radio community, we will be raising funding for these organizations in support of their great work. 90% of all funding goes directly to the Self Discovery Community uses the 10% to grow the awareness of such dedicated organizations.

We believe, when you invest in humanity, it grows a strong positive community where helping each other to grow in abundance is what it is all about.

4First in our series is Veterans, come hear their shows and see how we can help Veterans get ahead in life.

Our Global Veterans Stories

Christina Hill where we will be supporting families in conscious growth.


Renée Scheltema  Documentary Filmmaker/Producer with her movie “Normal is over” Teams up with host Sara Troy to bring a series on the saving of our planet.

ECOISM Because Normal is over (1)

Shows on addiction as told by those who have gone through it. Hosted by Sara Troy 

The Nature of Addictions show (1)

kids go here

Shows on raising all our children and parenting wisdom to face any challenge. Hosted by Self Discovery Team. 

More organizations covering Addiction, Autism, Mental Challenges, Soul Consciousness, Health and more is coming your way. Women