Financial Enrichment to Self Discovery Radio Empowers our team who are Enabling people to live a more purposeful productive enriched Life in their community with the support from these radio shows, with your support will, in turn, allows for more voices to be heard. These voices support and enable us to bring you the stories of enlightenment that are changing lives through inspiration, information, collaboration, and education.


We would love to keep bringing you shows every week from some of the most inspirational people in the world, known and unknown.

Their stories not only inspire but enlighten us to what is possible and how we can achieve it in our own life purpose.

With their knowledgeable tools in hand, they show us just how incredible we can be as a human nation when we choose to live in good vibrations, inner health, inner wealth, love, unity and divine exaltations.

We do this because we love it and because it is our (my ) calling, but, in order to keep bringing you each and every week such skilled and illuminating talent, we need sponsorship.

So Self Discovery’s site has officially outgrown its self. With 1860+ shows and services, I need to make changes and have a site that can take all this awesomeness.
All our shows support are by donations from you,  we believe knowledge should be free, but with your support, we can expand and bring even more knowledge to the table. 
Any help will be so welcome, I really want to keep bringing you the experts and illuminative wisdom from around the world.

Donations help us to freely to keep bringing you global wisdom and innovations.


One Time Donation supports

This helps the station’s growth and allows us to bring the most inspirational shows to you and those who need our support.

To make your one-time donation through PayPal click on the button below

S.E.L.F. Discovery Radio

Sponsorship Opportunites

Sponsor a Show…

By becoming a sponsor, you would be honouring and be supporting the journeys of those who have come to share their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance with our listeners here on SELF Discovery Radio.

For your sponsorship you will be promoted on each of the chosen genres shows, you will have a banner promoting you on these shows which will lead the audience back to your own sponsorship page.

For more info on sponsoring one of our shows and other opportunities, we have to offer, drop me a line.

Show genres available are.

Choose Positive Living: Their Story Matters: ECO Solutions: “for the LOVE of Music” Positive Vibrations Roundtable: Wise Health: 

You can donate and or subscribe, and we have sponsorships of shows levels for you just enquire here.




self-discovery-orchard-of-wisdomEveryone is important.

We believe in supporting those who wish to live a whole, meaningful, purposeful life in dignity and love and respect, and with Self Discoveries Orchard of Wisdom library. This is where you will find Sara Troy’s many shows with those experts who can help you. It is important that we give people a chance to live in that meaningful, dignified purposeful existence as it empowers the healing of the world.

The library is opening soon and you can find all the wisdom you need under each genre but with your support, we can make it more accessible for you and provide with your subscription show packages.

Community for Change

Being Fund-Action

bfa-icon-800x800We are Building a Community of Enrichment, Empowerment, Enablement, and Change

What if we supported the people and organisations who are making a difference?

What if we celebrated people and their journey because they inspire others to do the same?

What if by coming together in unison and harmony we worked with each other to enhance the global progress in making this world a happier place to live?

Coming in late  2017 is our Support Directory where we will show you the experts/supporters who offer the services needed to help people grow in Freedom Dignity Independence and Equality. We will raise money for these organizations that are supporting their community, those in Mental health, Veterans, Addiction, Children, and Body Mind Health, to name a few. 

We believe, when you invest in humanity, it grows a strong positive community where helping each other grow in abundance is what it is all about. The Members Directory will be up late 2017, should you wish to be a member, please contact me HERE  


              OUR Supporters and Donator’s                              



Jane Robson. Tyler Towe. Tasha and Tabytha Towe. Sam Hawksmoor, 


Jan Berney. Ingrid Erickson. Sam North. Caprice Fine Art & Co. Inc. Tyler Towe. Lidia Frederico. Toks Coker. Colleen Wynia. Doug Setter. Petra Mayer. Judy Weitz. Barbara Chabior. Christina Hill.

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