Many of our guests are hosting Seminars, Webinars, Symposiums, and Workshops ETC. Here we Spotlight our guest events and make it easy for you to have a one-stop shop availability. Each guest will have a show for you to refer to introduce you to who they are and why they do what they do and share their expertise, this makes it easier for you to choose your event.

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful summit with Di Challenor, she has gathered wisdom from others who have journeyed through life and are now sharing with you, it is an honour

I was recently invited to be on an event with a worldwide reach as part of a team of 22 intuitive, psychic, transformational coaches & experts, who have come together at the request of my friend, Di Challenor, a Holistic Intuitive Coach.

Just Click on the events link and it will take you to all you need to know.

The time has arrived….

Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, summit!

Launching: 2 July!  Summit ends 14 July 2018!

Connect to Intuition: Expert Interview Schedule…

Day 1 July 2 Brandyce Stephenson & Siobhan Johnson
Day 2 July 3 Wendie Colter & Ilona Selke
Day 3 July 4 Audrey Bgt & Sara Troy
Day 4 July 5 Patricia LeBlanca & Lisa Marie Pepe
Day 5 July 6 Maja Savic & Jenn Morgan
Day 6 July 7 Charles Eduardos & Cornelia Ward
Day 7 July 8 Keri Dennis-Fulmore & Jenny Johnstonn
Day 8 July 9 Jennifer Noel Taylor & Kerrie Mercell
Day 9 July 10 Adam Fulmore & Dawn C. Meyer
Day 10 July 11 Patti Stevenss & Marlene Cameron
Day 11 July 12 Christa Norris & Jennifer Urezzio
Day 12 July 13 Di Challenor


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Proud to announce our first Self Discovery Ebook authored by our radio guest.


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