You can find all our shows on the home page, but we made you a list so you can find them all here.

Under the Self Discovery Community banner, you will find a series of shows profiling various groups and causes. Co/hosted by Sara Troy 

First in our series is Veterans, come hear their shows and see how we can help Veterans get ahead in life.

Our Global Veterans Stories

Christina Hill

Here we speak to raising our inner vibration and helping families and individuals raise their divine consciousness.


Renée Scheltema  Documentary Filmmaker/Producer with her movie “Normal is over” Teams up with host Sara Troy to bring a series on the saving of our planet.

ECOISM Because Normal is over (1)

Under Guest Hosting, you will find our radio guests hosting a single show or a series of their own. 

addiction show frint

Shows on addiction as told by those who have gone through it. Hosted by Sara Troy 

kids go here

Shows on raising all our children and parenting wisdom to face any challenge. Hosted by Self Discovery Team. 


This current series is brought to you by Lynnis Woods Mullins on Wellness in all aspects of our lives.

 Our Regular genres are all here.

Choose Positive Living:

Sara Troy interviews the inspires, bringing you the individuals who have embraced their redirect and are now living a life of authenticity and meaningful purpose and living their life’s desires and their D.I.V.A. Every one of these guests have embraced their own meaningful purpose and now wish to help liberate others into travelling their own path.  choose-positive-living

Their Story Matters:

Sara also showcases the organisations who are making a big impact on people’s lives. By sharing what they do we empower the energy and conviction of their work and invite others to be a part of it. We will bring you their why and what they are doing and spotlight their events and platform to invite others to join in and participate.


thoughs banner

Thoughts become things with  Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity

Bring you weekly inspiration in how to embrace thoughts that serve us in our lives.



Whispers of the Heart show is a weekly offering from Denise Povernick, where she shares with you how to recognize, honor and share the Whispers in Your Heart.

The PVR (Positive Vibrations Roundtable)

PVR shows are also hosted by Sara Troy and her host team, they will showcase a wide spectrum of positive thinking people sharing their extraordinary life experiences and views, we will discuss topics that affect us and share our different perspectives on today’s life’s options. /positive-living-roundtable

ECO Solutions 

A show where we will be bringing you all things sustainable and innovative in serving humanity and the planet.  eco-solutions

“for the LOVE of Music” 

Where we will be bringing you  Music artists from around the world sharing the love of conscious music. This is hosted by Sara Troy and Nathen Aswell.   for-the-love-of-music

Wise Health hosted by Suma Nathan and her co/host Bill Maquis

With over 60 years of wisdom in the health world, these two bring us knowledge on our health like no others can.   wise-health

Transforming Relationships

Hosted by Julieanne O’Connor is the author of the book Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction, for Men and Women.

Sara’s View Of Life

Sara Troy, who is the owner and hosts many shows here on Self Discovery Radio, speaks to her view of life’s perspectives.  Sara’s View Of Life.

We have so many shows in our Orchard of Wisdom so every week we repeat some for your convenience. 
Book One, some of our radio guests contributed a chapter to the book followed up with a show. There will be more books coming next year. 
Self Discovery Ebook Series
You can listen to our shows from these 3 avenues, just download their free APPS and you can listen from your phone or tablets.