Discovery of Self Programs

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Here you will find the programs on Self Discovery.

Our varies radio guests have shared their expertise and passion for what they do, here they share their programs/services that you can access to help you on your own Self Discovery way in life.

Each person has a show for you to listen to so you may feel comfortable in a knowing of who they are and what they offer is a fit for you.

Self Discovery through Imagination starts here’



Kimberley Lovells Manifesting Abundance programme

Would You Love To Move Beyond Your Limitations

Unlock Your Hidden Power And Achieve Happiness & Success

In All Areas Of Your Life

As You Learn How To

Reprogram Your Subconscious Beliefs About

Life, Money, Business and Success

   & Manifest Your Dreams

       Just SAY YES!         


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Discovering Your S.E.L.F by embracing you

I am Sara Troy and I am here to help you discover your True S.E.L.F. and help you build a better relationship with you  and those around you.

We interview the S.E.L.F awarers that have embraced their dreams inspirations visions and aspire to liberate you in finding yours, this is your turn to discover where and what your True SELF is and how to begin living your life of self-knowingness and wholeness.

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