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Many of our guests are hosting Seminars, Webinars, Symposiums, and Workshops ETC. Here we Spotlight our guest events and make it easy for you to have a one-stop shop availability. Each guest will have a show for you to refer to introduce you to who they are and why they do what they do and share their expertise, this makes it easier for you to choose your event.

Just Click on the events link and it will take you to all you need to know.

Come Join Monique from this in depth series on our Unlimited Powers, for which I am honoured to be a part of. Sara Troy


When a person can fully connect with their true self, magic can happen.  It is a private journey that once fulfilled will spill over to everyone you connect with, as we are one in the universe.  I want people to understand that it is possible to remove all the blocks, fears and judgement that we have gathered within ourselves that is not allowing the mind, body, soul connection to happen.   It is time for people to quit ignoring their Intuition, Angels and Spirit Guides.  They are all around us, just waiting to be heard and waiting to help.


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Proud to announce our first Self Discovery Ebook authored by our radio guest.


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By becoming a sponsor, you would be honouring and be supporting the journeys of those who have come to share their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance with our listeners here on SELF Discovery Radio.

For your sponsorship you will be promoted on each of the chosen genres shows, you will have a banner promoting you on these shows which will lead the audience back to your own sponsorship page.

For more info on sponsoring one of our shows and other opportunities, we have to offer, drop me a line..

Show genres available are.

Choose Positive Living: Their Story Matters: ECO Solutions: “for the LOVE of Music” Positive Vibrations Roundtable: Wise Health: 

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