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Many of our guest are hosting Seminars, Webinars, Symposiums, and Workshops ETC. Here we Spotlight our guest events and make is easy for you to have a one-stop shop availability. Each guest will have a show for you to refer to introduce you to who they are and why they do what they do and share their expertise, this makes it easier for you to choose your event.

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Proud to announce our first Self Discovery Ebook authored by our radio guest.


Sponsorship Opportunites Sponsor a Show…

By becoming a sponsor, you would be honouring and be supporting the journeys of those who have come to share their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance with our listeners here on SELF Discovery Radio.

For your sponsorship you will be promoted on each of the chosen genres shows, you will have a banner promoting you on these shows which will lead the audience back to your own sponsorship page.

For more info on sponsoring one of our shows and other opportunities, we have to offer, drop me a line..

Show genres available are.

Choose Positive Living: Their Story Matters: ECO Solutions: “for the LOVE of Music” Positive Vibrations Roundtable: Wise Health: 

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Answers For Women FREE Magazine Inspiring & Empowering Women…Everywhere!
We are thrilled to publish articles, wisdom, and journeys of dynamic women and amazing entrepreneurs, women who are passionate about making a difference and have the knowledge to share.!magazine

Take a look at this wonderful Magazine support women and them business and also hear me interview with founder Beth Hudson HERE   

For more info, visit:   @AnswersForWomen


The journey taken in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF”


Bill Macquis is one of the co-founders of SELF Discovery Radio. Bill financially backed, designed and built SELF Discovery Radio who built the SELF Discovery Radio station. In addition to this, he took on the responsibilities of doing all the stations show production and editing, graphic design, and technical operations up until Sept 2016 when he stepped down to focus his full attention on The Living Orchard Corporation. Just shortly after his departure he wrote and self-published his first book, an eBook titled “Quinesence The journey taken to discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF” to share his life long journey that led him to Discovering My Nuances and as a way of sharing the breakthroughs that he made in his reach work that lead to this discovery. With the release of the book, Bill also produced a “SELF Discovery Radio Station” commemorative edition of his book along with some other material related to his research work that you can learn more about.

More importantly, he created this special edition of the book was created to help promote and raise awareness to all the incredible shows and the amazing guests who come and join us here on the station to share their inspirational stories and wisdom with our audience. So please feel free to re-distribute this book to others and help us to raise awareness for the station.

in gratitude,
Bill Macquis,

“Quinesence is the journey taken in the discovery of SELF. The SOUL Enabled LIFE Force that guides one in how to live LIFE with greater purpose, meaning and dignity through serving the betterment of humanity. Your SOUL is the Source Of Universal LOVE that when shared freely, creates Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere for us to unite in working together to peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality.

“Quinesence… a true life story about human potentiality”

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