TSM 17-29a Cancer can be a “Passport to Life” with Annie Pool

Their Story Matters  with Sara Troy and her guest Annie Pool, on air from July 18th Annie has overcome incredible odds in her lifetime. In 2013, she was diagnosed with incurable cancer, a crisis that would test her physically, emotionally and financially. There is a tsunami of information out there about how to heal your … Continue reading TSM 17-29a Cancer can be a “Passport to Life” with Annie Pool

B17 A Cancer cure formula

                     FOODS CONTAINING B 17. These are foods that address cancer cells and destroys them, daily use of these natural foods that can prevent cancer and keep your body strong and healthy.  FRUITS.                                           RANGE … Continue reading B17 A Cancer cure formula

Cancer Cure Stories

I have done many shows with people who have had cancer and have healed by natural solutions. Do take a look and have a listen for you are not meant to die from it. Everyone of these people found a different way to heal their cancer the-gift-of-cancer-is-a-gift-of-life with Dr. Dena Mendes & Dr Wendy Treynor I-laughed-in-the-face-of-cancer  with … Continue reading Cancer Cure Stories

C15/37a Cancer and Alzheimer’s Liberation

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Constance L. Vincent aired from September 15th-and on To lose yourself or a loved one to Alzheimer's or Cancer is heartbreaking, but with the right knowledge and action, we can empower healing and some prevention.  A HIGHLY CANDID AND INTIMATE MEMOIR OF INVESTIGATION INTO DEVASTATING DISEASES LIKE CANCER AND ALZHEIMER'S. Cancer such a common … Continue reading C15/37a Cancer and Alzheimer’s Liberation

14/40 “Along Comes Hope!”

Aired October 7th-13th on Own Your Money with Jeffrey A. Forrest and his guest Jenny Mulks Wieneke, Six years ago, Jenny Mulks Wieneke, a single mom was laying in her hospital bed in Texas, battling for her life in a bout with cancer.  Thank God that she calls herself a “Cancer Thriver”, just like Oliva Newton-John.  … Continue reading 14/40 “Along Comes Hope!”